Missing all supporting documents. I don't know what is the loan amount, terms, interest. Don't know amount of Grant funding. Don't know how much the District will be forced to keep on hand for repayment.

Most important The Board is avoiding the topic of raising the rates to each person in Loleta to fund repayment every month to pay for all of this. To me this is a ploy set in motion that forces the District to first stick it's neck out there and spend millions on something yet not detailed. Only to then MUST RUSH to raise the rates to each home in Loleta else bankrup the District and the people loose. 

It's coming. I can not stop this or fix this all by myself for you. I need your bodies present to be at these meetings to say: "yes I also think it's better to see it all layed on the table first before you get too far out there and point of no return". I can not invent questions regarding a topic that does not exist. You have to be there in person.

By myself, I can not. There are only 4 Directors. I am one of four. Three of the four seems to feel like a war that is army of 3 against 1. Needed is 3 votes to pass or reject. You see I need your help to sway at least one more Director to make the Cheese Factory (Bob Lafranchii) pay his fair share. I need one more Director to rein in and reject this whole project because it does not address the issue of fines, higher rates, cattle for human consumption and HIGH SEWER RATES, HIGHER TAXES.

The project does not produce the kind of results that YOU deserve. It does not address the Cheese Factory that is causing all of this in the first place. Bob Lafrancchi is not paying a dime for this project. YOU ARE! The Board signed a lease agreement without even having one minute in an open public hearing to go over the agreement. The Board Chair simply said "you all read it" lets vote. Nothing is ever that simple. This is the publics money and the public never got a chance to hear anything about it.

The Board voted and passed the below Agenda items tonight. There are supporting information not offered to the Board that should bring the dark into the light. All of these items are void of details that have WHAT ALL OF THIS MEANS in the form of COST TO YOU! each month of increases to your monthly rates.

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