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Board of Directors received a "water" and "waste water"  rate study report as writen by Marcus Drumm (staff). The study is incomplete, does not contain reasons to support the proposed increased rates.

The Loleta Community Services District Board of Directors has not uproved this proposed rate study document.

The rate study document was TABLED. It was full of wrong dates and incorrect data,  It has not been aproved by the Board of Directors and never read outload by the Board. It was returned to the staff for corrections and tabled until an unknown regular meeting. It  remains in draft form.

To this current date the rate study report document created by Marcus Drumm  IS NOT BOARD APROVED!

The Board of Directors have no document or any vaild information to support Marcus Drumm (staff)   in which to vote in favor of any rate increases to Loleta share holders.

The Board of Directors needs to hold Marcus Drumm accountable for any proposed rate increases to the Loleta Community Services District shareholders. So far I can not see any reason to raise Loleta shareholder rates.

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