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Audio of April 17, 2014 Loleta Community Services Board of Director Meeting

On April 17, 2014 Nicole Wimmer, a representative of the Loleta Chamber of Commerce, asked the Loleta Community Services District Board of Directors if the Chamber of Commerce may take possession of the garage attached to the property that they currently rent from Loleta CSD. It’s located next door to the Loleta Cheese Factory and is the past Loleta CSD office.

Director Sarico said hello and shared that he appreciates the good work that the Chamber of Commerce is doing regarding keeping the park mowed, but that he does object to the Chamber of Commerce’s request to give away the publics facilities.

Director Sarico says: that as a Loleta CSD Board Director he is holds a fiduciary responsibility to the water and waste water shareholders and that does not include the additional authority or approval to be acting in the capacity of landlord or property manager. Director Sarico questions how this item made it onto the agenda at all because it is outside the scope of Loleta CSD authority in the first place.

Loleta CSD Water and Sewer funds must pertain to the business of providing Water and Waste Water services only. All Directors of the Loleta Community Services District need to be held publicly accountable to the public to which they serve.

Loleta CSD does not manage parks and recreation. Politically correctly stated: Loleta CSD has no interest in economic growth. Elected officials of Loleta CSD owe the public an assurance that they are trustworthy with the publics money to include only the business and duties that the public elected them to perform; and expected business practice of providing water and sewer services.

The lines in the sand are crossed. A once a small town local governments intended purpose simply to bring Water and Waste Water services are now becoming increasingly expanded without the approval or consent of the people.

Loleta CSD Director Sarico ended his comments by thanking the Chamber once again but said you can expect a "NO Vote" from him and he hoped that the rest of the Board would follow his example to keep the focus solely on providing water and sewer services.

Nicole Wimmer, after hearing from Director Sarico did thank him for his comments and said that she would pass his thoughts onto the Loleta Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.

This item motion was taken to a vote:

Yes Votes: Jack Young, Jim Carr, and David Goodrich

No Votes: John Sarico

The motion passed.



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