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2016 Feb. 18 Board of Director Meeting held at 567 Park Street (The Loleta Fire Protection Station) Loleta CA 95551.

Loleta CSD office phone: 707-733-1717

During this meeting there were many Realtors and Brokers present to talk about the sale of four Loleta Community Services District surplus properties for sale to the general public.

Opening public comment Larry O. Doss, Broker with Ming Tree Realtors 707-599-3332 larryo @ stood up and presented the Loleta Board of Directors with a written brief analysis of the below mentioned properties to estimate the Market Values as follows:

APN 309-081-022
Market value is difficult to determine because of the unique size of the parcel, however the value is in the range of $15,000 to $25,000.

APN 309-041-012
address is 77 Peugh Road, Loleta CA 95551. The subject property is substandard size for a stand alone residential lot. Possible use could be to continue use of wells, Possibly a buyer could be a water delivery business. The estimated value range is $15,000 to $35,000. There are water wells funtional on this property.

APN 309-124-002
Address is 282 Loleta Drive, Loleta CA 95551. The subject property appears to have possibilities of mixed use residential and commercial. Multiple uses appear possible. The estimated value range is $85,000 to $115,000 depending upon allowable uses.

APN 309-042-007
Address is +/- Singley Hill Road, Loleta CA 95551. The subject property appears to have possibilities of residential and agriculture use. Size is about 1 acre. The estimated value range is $40,000 to $145,000 depending upon allowable uses and improvements.

Director John Sarico said the proceeds from the sale of these properties belong to the residents of Loleta Community Services District. It's important that this project is managed by professional Realtors.

There was in the room a mind set by at least one Director that these properties are for the most part only good to the property owner next door to the properties for sale. Others in the meeting had some additional thoughts that these properties contain value to other interested buyers with ideas of uses. 

During talks regarding easement to one of the parcels of land some directors claimed either that they did not know if an easement existed, one director says a long time ago he did visit the land, but did not offer any clue as to the easement. The question is there an easement or not was not answered. The realtors in the room will have answered that by next meeting.

Director Sarico, thinks there is an easement, it makes no sense by this government to own a water source and yet have no right to enter. I'm sure the easement will present itself by realtors or by me visiting the Humboldt County courthouse to receive the tittle document whereby the easement document will be clearly visable to all interested public, buyers and sellers.

On March  17, 2016 Realtors will attend LCSD Board of Directors meeting at 7pm at 358 Main Street Loleta CA 95551 (The Loleta Bank Building). During that meeting the Board of Directors will review, decide and vote to hire realtors to take charge of the sale of these properties.

I'm John Sarico, Board Director for The Loleta Community Services District. I'm available to answer any questions you may have email: sarico @