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Jan. 16, 2014 Board of Director Meeting Audio

Protecting the (customers = residents = shareholders) investments.

Clearing the vegetation around the water tank prevents bug infestations that feed on the redwood water storage tank. The water storage tank is currently leaking somewhere between 6000 to 11,000 gallons of water every day. Some Board Directors are saying that we should wait for another year to decide if the board wishes to stop the leaking by inserting a liner inside the tank.

The electricity that runs the pump is serving up the water from the well and is just wasted as it's pouring into a leaky water storage tank that inturn spills out onto the ground around that tank.

Some board directors are waiting to see what Randy Ganes wishes are for a property swap before taking action on this. Who is Randy Ganes? Why does Randy Ganes get to control Loleta's Community Services District?

It's not ethical business practice for LCSD's Board of Directors to first charge the customers for electricity to pump water out of a wellhead just to spill our valuable water out onto the ground.

LCSD Board of Directors is ignoring the advise given to them by experts for more than eight years to install a liner into Loleta's present water storage tank. The present water storage tank would serve Loleta Community Services District for another 30 years without leaking. LCSD Board of Director's are intrusted with protecting the sharholder, customer investments right now.

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