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The following photos were taken December 30, 2013

Here you see  "Lolete Water Works", instead it should read "Loleta CSD".IMG_0269.JPG

Here the bugs have eaten the redwood some. Clean grounds keeps out bugs!IMG_0268.JPG
Left of the roof ladder are two electrical connections.


Below and left of the ladder is an electrictal box. A few feet away from the tank you see white pvc plumbing that comes from deep under the redwood tank.


The photo below shows the white PVC pipes that feed the tank and send water from the tank to the town. It's in a dirty hole and looks to be leaking.


Below shows a closer look at the electrictal box covered in weeds. Standing next to the box you're looking at rotting redwood leaking at the base of tank. It's leaking about 11 gallons/hr.


Trees over the roof providing the bugs a path to eat some redwood. Tank bottom rotting & leaking. Paint job hides damage, the wood is soft to the touch. Never paint a redwood tank.


Another view of the ladder and bug eaten redwood that is painted over.


Below shows bug eaten redwood, over grown grass and lots of water leaking out from the bottom of the redwood tank between the cement floor and redwood tank.





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